Midnight Updates

Seeing as how my last post was in September 2014, and it’s now July 2015 (nearly), this little blog is probably overdue for an update. There are many reasons for my silence, some of which I’ll explain below, but I’m more than ready to put them behind me and get back to some kind of … More Midnight Updates

10(ish) Books

If you’re on Facebook (and really, who isn’t) then you’ve seen the “10 Books That Have Stayed with You” lists people are posting. Well, I was tagged and thought I would share my list here as well as on FB. So, these are the books that have “stayed with me,” which I take to mean … More 10(ish) Books

Summer Updates

Hey there. Me again. After something like a month and 5 days (give or take a few, my math is always suspect) I’m finally back and updating this poor neglected space. And while I feel bad about the extended break, I have some good excuses. I finished my undergrad college career, for one, and graduated … More Summer Updates