Links w/ Kaulie vol. 1

So, here’s the deal. I read. A lot. And while I read novels and essay collections and bound, printed books of all kinds, I also read basically all of the Internet (or as much as is possible & interesting, anyway). I’ve been trying to keep track of all the wonderful interviews and articles and online essays that I come across from day to day but have really struggled to find a good system. The solution? To share them all here!

Without any further ado, here you go. Links with Kaulie (I mean, with me.)

This is a wonderful essay by Maria Bustillos about one of my favorite TV shows, Adventure Time. If you haven’t read this yet I sure hope you do. If you’ve never watched the cartoon I’m just plain concerned.

Here Leslie Jamison talks about writing personal essays, connecting the personal to the universal and bending the distinctions between genres. It’s definitely something I needed to read this week as I agonize over my senior essay, and if you plan on writing some nonfiction any time soon I suggest you check it out.

Speaking of Leslie Jamison, here’s an interview she did with Tin House about her new book, The Empathy Exams.

This is a short piece from The Toast on anxiety and faith – exactly what this stressed out college student needed to hear.

And, finally, here’s an interview the Paris Review did with Gabriel Garcia Marquez back in 1981. It’s a really interesting read, and a reminder of how great a writer Marquez was and how much literature has lost with his passing.

Hope you enjoy these, and I’ll be back soon with more linky-links, as I sometimes call then when I am delirious / over caffeinated.


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