Summer Updates

Hey there. Me again.

After something like a month and 5 days (give or take a few, my math is always suspect) I’m finally back and updating this poor neglected space. And while I feel bad about the extended break, I have some good excuses. I finished my undergrad college career, for one, and graduated with a BA in English halfway through May. After that, I celebrated for… well, a very long time. And the celebration continues – I’m taking a break from humid Mid-MO and spending this week in Denver with my boyfriend and his family. In addition to all of that, I started an internship withThe Millions, and while it’s been amazing and so much fun it’s also taken a lot of my internet-blogging-energy. So, I’ve just generally been distracted. Sorry.

But, in the midst of all of that, I’ve been thinking about this blog and what to do with it. Theoretically I’m about to have a lot more time on my hands, what with the no school and the no homework and the part-time work schedule.  Though of course some time will have to be dedicated to job searching / sending out countless resumes, (such a joy), I want to spend a good part of it here, keeping up with my original intentions to use this space to write and reflect and engage. So, here’s what I’m proposing:

1. More posts. Like, at least a post a week. Ideally there will be more but I can’t make any promises.

2. More links, because due to my work with The Millions I’m always stumbling across about a million online articles and whatnot that I want everyone to read and then talk to me about.

3. And as for other content, maybe some book reviews of the random things I’m reading, and of lit mags that I sneak from The Missouri Review offices (and then return, no worries). Right now I’m really concerned with keeping up my reading and writing outside of the world of academia, so I’ll be writing about that a lot too.

So, nothing too original, I’m afraid, but that’s the general game plan going forward. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a massive latte to drink and The Empathy Exams to finish (finally).



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